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    The Dungeon

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    For general community wide topics and discussion.

    PC Gaming

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    General discussion of games on PC.

    Console Gaming

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    General discussion of all games on Console.

    Off Topic

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    Music, Movies, Politics, random thoughts and everything else.


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    Got a question? Ask yours here!

    Trojan Trolls Community News, Announcements, Reviews and Media.

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  2. Community Games

    PlanetSide 2

    4,290 posts

    The Warpgate. All things PlanetSide 2.



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    H1Z1 is an upcoming MMO to be released by SOE and built on the PS2 engine.


    40 posts

    Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game, developed by Digital Extremes,

    EVE Online

    497 posts

    The Docking Bay. All things EVE Online.


    Star Citizen

    156 posts

    Star Citizen is an upcoming (and much hyped) space trading and combat simulator video game from Chris Roberts.

    Elite: Dangerous

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    Elite: Dangerous is a forthcoming space adventure, trading, and combat simulator that will be the fourth instalment in the Elite video game series.

  3. Community Servers


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    AusARK offers competitive clustered (transfer between them) PvP Servers for ARK: Survival Evolved.