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    H1Z1 is an upcoming MMO to be released by SOE and built on the PS2 engine.


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    Elite: Dangerous is a forthcoming space adventure, trading, and combat simulator that will be the fourth instalment in the Elite video game series.

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    373 posts offers both competitive PvP and PVE Servers for ARK: Survival Evolved.

  • Recent Status Updates

    • Bumbles  »  Sage

      I don't know how much good this message will do. It sees that I am poisonous for some reason that only you know, since you have never answered any of my messages.

      The ark PvE game is dying because of your lack of response to me! You keep ignoring me, and because your mind has been poisoned to the extent that I shouldn't even be entertained in conversation. people are leaving the server in droves!

      Why?, I'll tell you why! Because of Savourn! That's why! The same person that has told you to avoid me!


      You need to ask yourself why he would do that!

      Do one thing before it is too late! Get on the game and ask ANY of the players left who they want as their admin! Don't even prompt them with a name. It wont be necessary!


    • Bumbles  »  Anjuman646

      Doesn't seem to be a lot happening on the TT sight lately. Has something happened that I don't know about?

    • Bumbles  »  Sage

      We are now 3 updates behind on the AusArk Pve game and Savourn is not contactable. The updates should have been put in place when they were posted, yet we wait hours, an sometimes (like now) days to see updates put in place all because you ignore the issues,.

      This is just not acceptable. We are losing players because of the lack of admin support, and you continue to ignore me.

      If you are no longer interested, please let me know so I can move on! I love this game and I am online more hours than any of our players EVERY day!

      Please help!

    • Bumbles  »  Sage

      Hi Sage. Is it possible to get another admin that can update the ARK PvE server? Savourn is sometimes off line for hours. The server has been down all day now, and just needs to be updated with the new major release.

    • Bumbles  »  Gumbyz

      I've been trying to reach Savourn on Steam chat, but he isn't online. There was a major game update overnight, so the server will need to download and install the update before it can appear in the game server list.

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