Community Meetup - Melbourne, 18 October 2014!...  3 days ago
Community Meetup - Sydney, 22 August 2014!  3 days ago

Community Meetup – Melbourne, 18 October 2014


Dear Trollians,

In additional to the Sydney Meetup in August, we’re also planning a meetup in Melbourne on Saturday, 18 October 2014. Particulars also to be determined.

Let us know if you can make it and what you’d like to do in the comments.

Community Meetup – Sydney, 22 August 2014


Dear Trollians,

We’re planning a community meetup in Sydney on Friday evening, 22 August 2014. Particulars to be determined, but it’s sure to involve a pub crawl of some kind.

Let us know if you can make it and what you’d like to do in the comments.

Grand Theft Auto V PC pre-orders now available

POSTED ON June 12th  - POSTED IN Gaming News, GTA V

Rockstar revealed earlier this week that Grand Theft Auto V is on its way to the PC and next-gen consoles this fall. You may now throw your money at it, and Rockstar has a handy site all ready to take that money.

Just nip over to, select your platform and retailer of choice, and then get out your wallet. Links to retailers outside the U.S. don’t appear to be working at the moment—it doesn’t seem to matter which country you select, the only listed sellers are Rockstar, GameStop, and Best Buy. Oddly, GTA V isn’t listed on Steam yet, although that situation will no doubt be resolved in short order.

No release date has been announced at this point, either. Amazon and GameStop both have it dated for December 31, but that’s obviously just a placeholder; Rockstar says it will be out sometime in the fall.

DayZ Decides To Switch Engines Mid Development

POSTED ON June 12th  - POSTED IN DayZ, Gaming News

Now we know why the DayZ standalone is taking so long. The game that started as a mod for Arma 2 is switching to an engine called Infusion leaving its original home behind. The little baby is growing up.

DayZ designer Dean “Rocket” Hall told a Reddit reporter that Infusion will “allow us to do DirectX 10 and 11.” He also mentioned, “It is going to allow us to do dynamic lighting, which means no more flashlights going through walls, proper dynamic shadows, [and] stuff like that. So it really kind of opens a lot of possibilities for us, and I think it is going to allow us to deal will a lot of those issues.”

The teams calls this an investment in the future and will hopefully make things better long term.

Dragon Age: Inquisition dev claims 40 possible endings, nearly unlimited character options

POSTED ON June 12th  - POSTED IN Gaming News

Dragon Age: Inquisition is going to be a big game—50 hours in the main quest line alone. And what you do in those hours will have a real impact on how it concludes, according to producer Cameron Lee, who said it will have 40 “major” endings, each of them subject to additional variations.

He didn’t come right out and say it, but the comment could be taken as an oblique reference to the end of Mass Effect 3, and the Mass Effect trilogy as a whole, which disappointed a lot of players with its three not-terribly-different endings that seemed to have little connection with the player’s actions over the course of the game. Inquisition will avoid that pitfall with “40 major endings with additional variations,” he wrote this morning on Twitter.

Lee also emphasized that players will be able to create characters of virtually any type they want, a remark that echoes the controversy over the absence of playable female characters in Ubisoft’s upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity. “Your hero in Dragon Age Inquisition can be any combination of 2 genders, 4 races, 3 classes, 9 specialization and different voices,” he wrote. “Oh and you can make your hero look however you want… ;)”


There will be at least one exception to that rule—Lee said that Dwarven mages won’t be allowed “for lore reasons”—but as much as possible, BioWare intends to give people free rein in the game world. “Fantasy fulfillment is a big part of RPGs which is why Dragon Age Inquisition lets you create your own character and play how you want,” he tweeted.

Source: PC Gamer

Today’s a good day: Arena Commander and Internet for Sage!

POSTED ON June 4th  - POSTED IN Star Citizen

Greetings Troll Citizens,

Today is indeed a good day. Star Citizen’s Arena Commander (formally known as the Dog Fighting Module) has been released, finally.

I am presently downloading the 10+GB patch to the Hanger Module. Yes you read that correct, I finally have Internet! After almost 4 months of struggling to get either ADSL or NBN connected to my house, I gave up and went and offered to pay for the neighbours. They were happy to oblige and I’m now not tethered off a data expensive mobile. #THANKFRACKFORGOODNEIGHBOURSWHOLETMEPAYFORTHEIRINTERNETZANDUSEALLTHEGIGZ

Our Star Citizen channel has been launched on Trojan Trolls TS3 this evening, so jump in when you’re finally in the cockpit.

Go here for more info on the Star Citizen Arena Commander launch.